Established in 2013 originally as World of Hampers, Gift Bee is a family run business.  Our rebrand came about due to our shift from supplying gift baskets and gift hampers to offering a whole range of gifts for any occasion.  We believe that our customers deserve the very best, and we are able to deliver this with our outstanding customer services and the quality and beauty of the gifts we have available on our site.

So why Gift 'Bee'?  Well, we are constantly buzzing around looking for the very best products in the marketplace today, so it just made sense to create our name and tagline around this.  Because we search for the best gifts around these gifts also tend to create a buzz both with the giver and receiver of the gift.

We at Gift Bee think that our customers deserve the best, not only from our first rate customer service but also in the finishing touches. For this reason, we hand craft the finishes on our signature baskets, (yes we will continue to create our own gift baskets) this not only makes gift baskets from Gift Bee unique but also gives it that wow factor that is lacking in so many products these days. We do not mass produce our gift baskets which then makes each gift basket exclusive. Everything in the baskets is secured and then shrink wrapped to ensure no movement of contents. This coupled with the great care that we take when packaging your basket ensures that your gift basket and hampers arrive in the same condition as when it left us.

We have collaborated with some of our suppliers who have agreed to send some products via direct dispatch but we continue to design and create our own signature gift baskets. The collaboration allows us to add more variety to our site thereby giving you a wider choice of gift baskets and gifts. 

We believe that our customers deserve the best customer service available. To this end, we consistently stay up to date with our training and news on the latest trends in the gift basket industry. Of course, things go wrong from time to time (not necessarily from anything that we have done, it may be a courier problem, however, we still take full responsibility). To ensure that you get the service you deserve we have procedures in place to ensure that you get the very best in customer service (after all you deserve no less). We do not shirk our responsibilities here at Gift Bee HQ, and accept responsibility should things go wrong, whether through our own fault or the fault of our suppliers or couriers, the buck stops here and we will do everything in our power to ensure that we solve any problems that might arise.   This has left us with many satisfied customers (even after things have gone wrong).

To ensure we bring you the best gift basket designs we can we have a certified gift basket designer who has completed and passed the UKGBA Gift Basket Design and Business course as well as an American Gift Basket Business course.

We are also a founder member of the UK Gift Basket Association as well as a bronze member of GBA. Membership to these trade association allows us to keep up to date with the latest gift basket designs and helps us to consistently improve our own designs and improve our knowledge of the gift basket industry.