COVID-19 is a pandemic affecting many businesses throughout the world.  During the first three weeks of lockdown in the UK we opted not to accept any orders, as the safety of both our customers and the workers of our suppliers was first and foremost on our mind, however as our products are supplied directly from our suppliers and all of our suppliers have remained open for business throughout the lockdown we have been monitoring the situation really carefully.  We are now confident that our suppliers are working to government guidelines and have the correct PPE and safety measures in place.

All of our suppliers have staff working from home where possible and where not possible the correct PPE and social distancing measures are being rigidly followed.  Warehouses are large enough to work to social distancing guidelines with ease.

Postal workers and couriers are also working within the government guidelines by placing parcels at the door and then stepping back the required 2 metres to avoid contact.  Where parcels need to be signed for the delivery person will sign as COVID19 to avoid human contact or contact with their handheld devices.

There might be some instances with a slight delay in delivery due to the additional safety measures in place, but overall we are confident we can pick, pack, dispatch and deliver your orders safely and timely.